Publications of SFB 441

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Publications of the Subprojects:

A: Methodological and corpus-linguistic studies

  • A1: Representation and Automatic Acquisition of Linguistic Data
  • A2: Linguistic Theories as Data Types
  • A3: Suboptimal syntactic structures
  • A4: Semantics and Intuition
  • A5: Distributional Idiosyncrasies
  • B: Data-based studies of particular phenomena

  • B1: Corpus based study of address and linguistic politeness in the Slavonic languages
  • B2: Universal and typological aspects of polarity
  • B3: The processing and acquisition of coordinate structures in German
  • B5: The Phonology and Semantics of Focus and related Phenomena
  • B6: Lexical Change - Polygenesis - Cognitive Constants: The Human Body
  • B6: Lexical Motivation in French, Italian, and German
  • B8: Corpus-based analysis of local and temporal deictics in (spontaneously) spoken and (reflected) written language
  • B10: Tense and Temporal Adverbials in Extensional and Intensional Contexts
  • B10: Typology and Logical Form of Sentential Negation
  • B11: Semantic Roles, Case Relations, and Cross-Clausal Reference in Tibetan
  • B12: Strong and Weak Occurences of Variables in Language
  • B13: Ellipsis and Information Structure in English
  • B14: Diskurstraditionen romanischer Sprachen und mehrdimensionale Analyse diachroner Korpora
  • B15: Satzgefüge - Subordination - Parenthese
  • B16: Verbalaspekt bei bilingualen russisch-deutschen Kindern
  • B17: Comparative Constructions
  • B18: Grammatik und Pragmatik des Zustandspassivs
  • C: Linguistic data structures: cross-linguistic annotations and data types

  • C1: Linguistic data structures: cross-linguistic annotations and data types
  • C1: Sustainability of Linguistic Data

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