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SFB 441
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The research program of SFB 441 has covered three related areas: Some of the projects have focussed on methodological issues, another group of projects has been concerned with certain linguistic phenomena, and a third part of SFB 441 provided a link between the first two areas. The SFB has worked from a number of perspectives, chiefly theoretical linguistic, descriptive linguistic and computational linguistic approaches. Corresponding to the three areas, the subprojects of SFB 441 are divided into project groups A, B and C.

Projects of SFB 441:

A: Methodological and corpus-linguistic studies

  • A1: (1999-2008) Representation and Automatic Acquisition of Linguistic Data (Erhard Hinrichs/Sandra Kübler)
  • A2: (1999-2008) Linguistic Theories as Data Types (Uwe Mönnich)
  • A3: (1999-2008) Suboptimal syntactic structures (Wolfgang Sternefeld)
  • A4: (2002-2004) Semantics and Intuition (Jürgen Pafel)
  • A5: (2002-2008) Distributional Idiosyncrasies (Frank Richter)
  • Grant proposal section A (general part, German) as .pdf

    B: Data-based studies of particular phenomena

  • B1:   (1999-2004) Corpus based study of address and linguistic politeness in the Slavonic languages (Tilman Berger)
  • B2:   (1999-2001) Universal and typological aspects of polarity (Hans Bernhard Drubig)
  • B3:   (1999-2004) Modality and Modal Verbs in German (Veronika Ehrich/Marga Reis)
  • B3:   (2005-2008) Acquisition and Processing of Coordination in German (Veronika Ehrich/Ingo Reich)
  • B5:   (1999-2001) The Phonology and Semantics of Focus and related Phenomena (Caroline Féry/Fritz Hamm)
  • B6:   (1999-2004) LexiType(Dia) - Lexical Change - Polygenesis - Cognitive Constants: The human Body (Peter Koch)
  • B6:   (2005-2008) LexiType(Syn) - Lexical Motivation in French, Italian, and German (Peter Koch)
  • B8:   (1999-2001) Corpus-based analysis of local and temporal deictics in (spontaneously) spoken and (reflected) written language (Jochen Raecke)
  • B9:   (1999-2004) Local and temporal deixis in the Romance languages - History and variation (Brigitte Schlieben-Lange, provisionally Marga Reis)
  • B10: (1999-2004) Tense and Temporal Adverbials in Extensional and Intensional Contexts (Arnim von Stechow)
  • B10: (2005-2008) Typology and Logical Form of Sentential Negation (Arnim von Stechow)
  • B11: (2002-2008) Semantic Roles, Case Relations, and Cross-Clausal Reference in Tibetan (Klaus Butzenberger)
  • B12: (2002-2004) Strong and Weak Occurences of Variables in Language (Arnim von Stechow/Wolfgang Sternefeld)
  • B13: (2002-2008) Ellipsis and Coordination in English (Susanne Winkler)
  • B14: (2005-2008) Discourse Tradition of Romance Languages and multi-dimensional Corpus Analysis (Johannes Kabatek)
  • B15: (2005-2008) Coordination - Subordination - Parenthesis (Marga Reis/Hubert Truckenbrodt)
  • B16: (2005-2008) Verbal aspect in language acquisition of bilingual Russian-German children (Tilman Berger)
  • B17: (2006-2008) Comparative Constructions (Sigrid Beck)
    (funding extended until 2009 within the Individual Grants Programme)
  • B18: (2006-2008) Grammar and pragmatics of the German stative passive (Claudia Maienborn)
  • Grant proposal section B (general part, German) as .pdf

    C: Linguistic data structures: cross-linguistic annotations, data types and sustainability

  • C1: (1999-2008) Linguistic data structures: cross-linguistic annotations and data types (Marga Reis/Erhard Hinrichs)
  • C2: (2005-2008) Sustainability of Linguistic Data (joint project together with SFB 538 (Hamburg) and SFB 632 (Potsdam); Marga Reis/Erhard Hinrichs)
    (prolongation applied for within the LIS Programme)
  • Grant proposal section C (general part, German) as .pdf, Grant proposal project C2 (relevant part, German) as .pdf

    Projects associated with SFB 441:

  • Emmy Noether Nachwuchsgruppe (Laura Kallmeyer): (2005-2009) Eine lexikalisierte Baumgrammatik für ein Fragment des Deutschen unter Einbeziehung von Syntax und Semantik
  • PPI-Projekt (Jan-Philipp Söhn): (2007-2009) Positive Polaritätselemente – Korpuslinguistische Erfassung, psycholinguistische Validierung und grammatiktheoretische Einbettung (gefördert durch die Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg)

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