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Finite Structure Query

Finite Structure Query (fsq)

Finite Structure Query is a tool for querying syntactically annotated treebanks, which was developed in project A2. Main features of fsq are:

  • Full first-order logic as query language
  • Support for querying secondary edges in treebanks by using finite structures and not just trees
  • Graphical display of query results
  • Corpus format supported: NEGRA-Export


MonaSearch is a powerful query tool for treebanks which employs Monadic Second Order Logic as query language. MonaSearch was developed in project A2 as well. Main features include:

  • Query time is linear in the size of the treebank.
  • Query time is independent of the particular wording of the query, which makes it easy to use.
  • MonaSearch is faster than competing query tools (such as TIGERSearch, TGrep2, ...). MonaSearch is faster than fsq, but is limited to querying proper trees.

Last update 03/10/2009