Project A1:

  SFB 441
  Project A1
  Winter Term 2002/03
  Summer Term 2002

New Methods in Data-Based Computational Linguistics -- Summer Term 2003

  • 9th May
    Preliminary Discussion
  • 16th May
    Accreditation of ISCL
  • 23rd May
    Frank Henrik Müller -- Lexicon-Based Annotation of Complements - the Realization
    In preparation, you might find the slides of my last talk useful.
  • 30th May
    Recent Papers on Parsing German
  • 17th June, Tuesday! 5 pm, room 1.13 main building
    Recent Papers on Parsing German
    Please, also have a look at Johnson 1998 .
  • 20th June
    Tylman Ule -- Tree Bank Transformation and PCFG Performance
  • 27th June
    Kernel Construction
    In preparation, please have a look at the links of Martina's talk last term on 19th November.
  • 4th July
    ACL Sapporo
  • 11th July
    ACL Sapporo
  • 18th July
    Martina Liepert -- Optimizing SVM-parameters with GAs
    Jorn Veenstra -- Top-down versus Bottom-up Annotation in our Corpus
  • 25th July
    Sophia Katrenko -- Question Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques
    Julia Trushkina -- Applying Statistical Methods to Morpho-syntactic Annotation

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