Thank you for wanting to participate at the experiment. The number of participants specified by the experimenter has been reached, however. The experiment is now finished. Experiment experiment running: progress 1/54

Welcome to our experiment!

By participating in the following experiment, you consent to your answers being used for scientific research by the University of Potsdam. All data will be anonymized and only the principal scientist Prof. Dr. Malte Zimmermann as well as the scientific assistants Alexander Schreiber and Mareike Philipp at the University of Potsdam will have access to your personal data. All personal data will be deleted at the latest by the end of the project. You have the right to obtain information about the personal data relating to you, including a free copy of it, and, if necessary, to have it rectified or deleted. You can abort the experiment at any time without negative repercussions for yourself. If you have questions or problems, please contact Mareike Philipp (

We also want to draw your attention to your right to complain about privacy concerns. In this case, please contact the Landesdatenschutzbeauftragte Brandenburg (officer of data protection of the state Brandenburg).

Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und für das Recht auf Akteneinsicht Brandenburg:
Dagmar Hartge
Telefon: 033203/356-0

Datenschutzbeauftragter der Universität Potsdam:
Johannes Belling
Telefon: +49 331 977-4182

This experiment was made using the free software OnExp 1.3.1 (GNU GPL).