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Thanks a lot for your participation in this experiment!


In this experiment you will be asked to answer a question given a specific context. You have to choose between two possible answers.


First I will ask you to enter some information about your person into a data window. This data serves purely scientific purposes and will be treated anonymously. All personal information will be deleted after the completion of the study. Before the experiment starts, there will be a practice phase. Then the actual experiment starts.

Experiment: Decision Task

You will consecutively be shown a couple of sentences. Read the sentences carefully. Additionally, you will be given two possible answers to the question "What happened?". Your task is to judge which of the possiblilites is the more correct one given the context sentences. Choose whatever options seems to be the correct one for you.

Here are some examples:

Sarah went grocery shopping yesterday. She bought tomatoes.
What happened?
Sarah bought tomatoes. Sarah bought a grocery store.

John insulted Peter and then Peter shot John in the stomach.
What happened?
Peter fired his gun. John is bleeding out.

Final instructions

Choose the answer that best answers the question "What happened?"

With some examples, choosing the correct answer may be more difficult. Choose whatever seems more correct to you.

You are asked to rate 48 sentences and the experiment will take about 15 minutes.

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Progress: 1.9%

Experimenter: Lorenz Geiger, Universität Tübingen

Das Experiment wurde mit der freien Software OnExp_v.1.2 erstellt.