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Thank you very much for taking part in my experiment!


This study is interested in ratings of the naturalness of sentences. In this experiment you are asked to rate the naturalness of sentences on a scale from 1 (very unnatural) to 7 (very natural).


First I will ask you to enter some information about your person into a data window. This data serves purely scientific purposes and will be treated anonymously. All personal information will be deleted after the completion of the study. After this you will get a number of sentences to get used to the task. Then the experiment starts.

Experiment: Sentence judgements

Your task is to judge the naturalness of sentences.

Your task is to judge the naturalness of the answers and to indicate your assessment by choosing a value on a 7-point scale:.
1 - very unnatural
7 - very natural

Here are some examples:

Peter asks: Do you know where the exam will take place?
Mary answers: Yes. The exam will take place in room 106.
Mary's answer sounds very natural. You could rate it with '6' or '7'.
Peter asks: What does the father do?
Mary answers: The father buys for the children bread.
Mary's answer is a little bit odd, but not totally unnatural. You could rate it with '3' or '4'.
Peter asks: Whose wallet did the burglar steal?
Mary answers: John’s wallet did the burglar steal.
Mary's answer is very unnatural. You could rate it with '1'.

Final instructions

You may use a scale from 1-7 to rate the sentences

Try to differentiate as many levels of naturalness as possible.

Use higher values for natural sentences and lower values for unnatural sentences

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Just follow your instincts.

Ready? Press "Continue"!

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Experimenter:Julia Restle

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